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Bringing Quality, Efficiency, and Credibility to the Cannabis Industry

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Charging Forward 

The CBD market is growing quickly across the globe as consumers open their minds to the potential wellness benefits of this powerful non-psychoactive compound.

A recent survey highlights CBD’s growing popularity, showing that out of 2,000 adults surveyed, 1,500 had used CBD products in the previous three months. With the right resources and guidance, brands can take over this opportunity while making a difference in the lives of many.



CBDCapitalGroup offers CBD entrepreneurs with much-needed capital and expert advice to guide them through both common and unique obstacles and operational services to allow entrepreneurs to focus on the aspects of the business they are most passionate about.

CBDCapitalGroup is an investment and scaling company that acquires and develops mid-stage CBD and hemp nutraceutical companies to promote both financial and professional success. The company is led by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have managed over $1 billion in combined revenue over their careers, and now apply their diverse business experiences to establish trust, quality standards and efficiencies in the CBD market.


The CCG team has done over
$1 billion in sales over their careers and brings valuable professional experience to the cannabis industry. 


Through streamlined processes and partnerships between our companies, we encourage efficiency and decreased production costs for the benefit of all.


We intend to bring new research techniques and studies to the industry to ensure quality in not only our products, but throughout the entire industry.


We are acquiring CBD companies from $1M to $10M in annual revenue.

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The CBD market is growing from $600M in 2018 to $22B in 2022.


With retail stores now accepting CBD, the Brightfield Group estimates the U.S. CBD market will grow 706% from 2018 to 2019 and hit $24 by 2023.

CCG has recruited the top retail talent to guide CBD entrepreneurs into retail chains.

CBD has a vast consumer base of all ages and backgrounds.

Through the guidance of CCG’s team, companies can learn their target audiences and how to reach them.


Most CBD companies are smaller and hold only a small percentage of market share, leaving a large opportunities for larger players to enter the space.

Branding and other outreach strategies are key in developing trust and growing operations.

Featured Article

CMO Zak Garcia quoted in renowned publication Forbes regarding the increasing competition in the CBD industry.

“I spoke with Zak Garcia, the CMO of CBD Capital Group, a group of entrepreneurs and business operators who come together to buy small-to-medium-sized CBD brands. But unlike most investment groups, CBD Capital Group is also providing companies with expert advice and operational resources.”

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