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Dr. Eily Weinschneider interviews Zak Garcia, CMO of CBDCapitalGroup about his personal life, dreams, and his current daily schedule. 

“After a successful career at Bulletproof Coffee, I left my position as CMO in early 2017. After taking the company from a startup where I was the 6th employee hired to a 9-figure international brand, I was ready for something new. Consulting was the next logical step and while the money was great, it didn’t fulfill my passion. I could come up with the right strategy, but I didn’t have control over whether the companies I consulted with were successful in implementing those strategies. Looking for something I could really sink my skills into that also aligned with my personal values and passions, I met David Metzler. We both saw a major opportunity in the CBD space, and with our complementary skill sets, we came together to form what is now CBDCapitalGroup.”